What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

If any person has ever searched on the internet that how to earn money online? He must have got a name on the list which is Affiliate Marketing. But What is Affiliate Marketing? It can be used for online earning?

So today we will see & learn What is Affiliate Marketing from the basics of the terminology. So please read the whole blog till last as we will discuss all the smallest tips & terms in the best understandable way.

Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

So Affiliate Marketing is made up of two words Affiliate & Marketing. The affiliate dictionary meaning is (connected/attach to something) & marketing dictionary means (Promoting & selling products & services).

When we combine these two words the term Affiliate Marketing is formed which means selling or Promoting any service or product with the attachment of the owner of the product.

Many people who have searched on the internet that how to earn online may doubt Affiliate Marketing. I am here to clear all your doubts.

In today’s world, everything is being online. Every task is controlled through the internet.

So, In the modernization of technology & computerization, the online marketing or online shopping trend is also on a boom. Online shopping increasing day by day & making a huge number of customers all over the world.

What Is Affiliate Marketing…

Due to Online marketing, many sellers have also got a huge opportunity & exposure to the world.

In the digital world of marketing Affiliate marketing is also a part of Online marketing & E-commerce.

Affiliate marketing is needed to have a platform where we can use our affiliate link for promotion or marketing. It can be either social media, E-mail, Website or even blogs. The owner of the website will give the link or poster of the product.

Affiliate Marketing is a totally commission based marketing, In this marketing, if anyone buys the product from your given link then you will get or receive the commission from the owner of the product.

It is one of the most used methods to earn online. Most of the Bloggers use these days Affiliate marketing for earning.

Affiliate marketing only needs a platform for showing the affiliate link which can be your blogging website.

Nowadays most of the bloggers use Affiliate marketing for earning. Many people are shifting from Google Adsense to affiliate marketing.

Beside from this

In Adsense, there are a lot of issues of traffic & the number of clicks on your advertisement.

But on the other hand Affiliate link if you have a good amount of traffic on your page & you have a useful affiliate link on your website then there is very much chance that people may buy that product & you will directly get the commission.

It is like any when a person can connect to the company & sell their products on his/her website through his link & earn a profit.

Use the affiliate link on your website or you the platforms have a huge & nice amount of traffic on the website or social media handles. Having a large number of traffic which will automatically attract the people to buy the products from there given links.

The Pro tip for the Affiliate link on your website is when you start getting a nice amount of traffic on your blogs.

If you have a website related to any specific niche or category than you can try to add links related products to your category only.

For eg. If your blogs are on Technical & try to add new technology products on your website.

How Does Affiliate Marketing works

When you think of online marketing & commission than question raised in your mind that How this Affiliate Marketing works.

If any Product based company or Organization wants to sell its product in the market than the most important thing for that company is to promote its product. If the promotion of the company will increase ultimately the sale of the products will increase.

How affiliate marketing work
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How affiliate marketing work

That’s the reason the affiliate marketing is done, for promoting the products so the sale of the products increases.

Affiliate marketing is total commission-based marketing. In this, the profit is of both the person, the one who gives the affiliate link for promotion & one who takes the link for affiliate marketing.

The Person who joins the affiliate program with that product based company. The company gives the authorization to the person to show the link or banner on their website or other platforms.

Most of the Blogger’s use affiliate marketing as Blogs has a lot of traffic, The people visiting the blogs can see the advertisements or links available on the website very easily.

If anyone clicks the link & land on the page of the product based company. If a person buys any of the products from the link from that product based company website. The will get a commission from that website.

This commission is from the website because the buyer went from our link to buy the product. The companies which provide affiliate give different commission in different categories of product.

What is the Scope of Affiliate Marketing…

As the whole world is being online these days. In the last 6 months, everyone has become more dependent on the online due to the COVID pandemic.

Due to which the physical market has affected a lot & on the other hand the digital market is growing with a boom in the whole world.

With the increase in the digital market, the maximum number of customers are buying products from the digital market.

With the increase in the digital market, the opportunity & scope of Affiliate marketing is also increasing rapidly.

In today’s scenario, every other person wants to buy products online because it is easy to compare, no need to visit the shop, Discounts & offers available and many other facilities which are available online.

As the willingness to do online marketing is more which will increase the opportunity of Affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Sites…

There are many Affiliate Marketing Programs sites on the Internet but today we will be discussing some of the famous websites with you.

These are some of the websites which give a maximum commission.

Most Famous Affiliate Marketing Programs Sites…

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • eBay
  • MaxBounty
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Jvzoo
  • Snapdeal Affiliate

1. Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful affiliate marketing in the world. In this the person has to take the approval from the amazon after that he can use the links of amazon products on his platforms.

2. eBay: eBay is an e-commerce company that is based in America. It works on the customer to customer & Business to customer model. It does the sales from its website. eBay also provides Affiliate marketing.

3. MaxBounty: It is an online advertising marketing company. You get a commission when you promote the products linked from this website.

4. Clickbank: Clickbank is one of the major global retailers for its affiliate marketing plans & programs. Anyone can be the part of Clickbank & earn a good amount of commission from this website.

5. Commission Junction: Commission Junction whose plan is also known as the CJ affiliate program. CJ affiliate is a very popular & very old affiliate program from which many people are connected and a good amount of money from it.

6. Snapdeal Affiliate: Snapdeal is one of the most famous websites for online marketing for fashion, Clothes & accessories. Snapdeal also provides affiliate marketing & gives a chance to earn a nice amount of commission from it.

How to start Affiliate marketing programs online

Before joining any affiliate program with any marketing companies first have nice & deep research on it. See that the marketing company you going to join is popular & should provide high commission.

Collect all the information about the company & program in advance. If you want to know about any of the affiliate marketing company just search about the company on any search engine.

If you also wanna join the affiliate marketing so its very simple to join. You just need to follow some easy steps to join any affiliate marketing sites & programs.

You will start earning from the affiliate marketing once you get connected with the Amazon Affiliate program.

The first step to join any affiliate program is to go to the affiliate page. Let’s say you want to make an affiliate account for amazon affiliate. Then you need to create a new account & fill the details asked to fill over there.

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Mainly the details asked to fill are.

  1. Name-
  2. Address-
  3. Email Id-
  4. Mobile Number-
  5. Pancard Details-
  6. Blog/Website URL (Where you will give the link of the Affiliate Program)
  7. Details of Payment (Information where you want to receive the payment)

After filling all the details you will be finally registered with the program. The marketing company will visit your site ur Blog & after that, they will send you a reply about the confirmation of the program.

After that when you get the approval you can later log in to the program dashboard there you can see different links & banner of different products. You can select those links & banners that you wanted to show on your website or blog.

After selecting the affiliate use the link on your blog or website. Then you can share your blog or website on social media platforms so that people can attract on your website & can buy the products from your website & you can earn a commission.

How payment can be made from an Affiliate program…

Different Affiliate supports different modes of payment. Most of the program use the bank transfer or Paypal option for the making payment.

There are some of the unique terms used in Affiliate Marketing which help to make money in the commission.

1. CPC (Cost Per Click):  It is the cost of the commission we get on clicks on any of the links & banners of an Affiliate program.

2. CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions): It is the commission given by the owner of the company to the person whose blog is there for 1000 views of the adds on the website.

3. CPS (Cost Per Scale): This is the commission amount received by the person when a visitor buys or purchases any of the products from the affiliate link. As more number of products will be bought more amount of commission will be made.

There are some of the unique terms & vocabulary used in Affiliate marketing

In the Affiliate marketing, some basic terminology is most commonly used in the daily life of Affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliates: Affiliates are the person who joins with any of the Affiliate programs to promote any of the products on their blogs & websites. These persons are called Affiliates.

2. Affiliate ID: Affiliate ID is a unique ID that is obtained after doing the Sign-up. Affiliate ID is generated is a unique ID. This Id is used for Log in used to collect the information while doing the sales.

3. Affiliate Link: This is the link like Videoz Agency Commercial that is used for promotion & is provided for the product promotion on the Blogs or Websites. This is the link that converts the commission fo us when the visitor clicks the link & buys a product from this link.

4. Commission: To be a successful seller & earn a nice amount from Affiliate marketing it’s most important thing is to have a nice commission earned from a nice source. When a person purchases a product from the affiliate link given on your blog or website the person gets some amount of percentage which is the commission of the product sold.

5. Payment Mode: The way you get payment from the affiliate link is called the Payment mode. It means the medium from which we receive the commission is called a payment mode. Different companies give different payment modes like some offer through cheque, PayPal, etc.

6. Affiliate Marketplace: Some companies offer different programs in different categories of the product. These different categories are called Affiliate Marketplace.

7. Affiliate Manager: The person who is appointed to give the advice & tips regarding Affiliate Marketing in the Affiliate programs is called Affiliate Managers.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ

Q. What are some of the most Popular Affiliate Marketing websites?

There are man websites which provide you with Affiliate marketing but some of the most famous are: Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank, Shareasale, JVzoo, Hotmart, Clickbooth, Ads 4 Dough, Commission Junction, eBay Partners Program.

Q. What is the highest paying affiliate marketing program?

All of the affiliate programs pay a nice amount in the commission but some of the websites which give the highest commission on their affiliate programs.
jVzoo: It is an affiliate marketing program that
pays the highest commission among all the other programs. It has different categories like Software, Education & Health & many more.
Clickbank: Clickbank is one of the major global retailers for its affiliate marketing plans & programs. Anyone can be the part of Clickbank & earn a good amount of commission from this website.

Q. Do I need a website to be a affiliate marketer?

NO! Not at all. If a person doesn’t have any website he can also start an affiliate marketing. There are many websites that give you approval without having a website. If you don’t have a website then the person can post affiliate links on its social media platforms or can do affiliate from the E-Mail.

Q. What is the best Affiliate Marketing program for the beginners?

All affiliate marketing programs are very nice & give a nice cut of the commission but when it come to affiliate marketing for beginners than most of the person suggests Amazon affiliate program.

Q. Where can I post my Affiliate links free?

There is a myth that the person doing affiliate marketing should have a proper website but it’s not true. Any individual can post its Affiliate marketing for free. They’re some of the open-source of content where anyone can post their content & affiliate links for free. Social Media platforms (Facebook), Medium.com, Quora.

If you are looking for the best tool for affiliate marketing, then My Super Affiliate Builder Enterprise is the best affiliate marketing tool.

If you are looking to open a video agency, then Videoz Agency Commercial software is the best platform.


The conclusion of the whole content was to make you aware of what is Affiliate marketing, how the Affiliate marketing is done, What are the Affiliate marketing sites & how we can join the best affiliate marketing programs.

We have also seen in brief that what are the different ways & modes of Payment in the Affiliate marketing.

How can be earned through affiliate Marketing & what are the normal terminologies used in the field of Affiliate marketing?

We started from the basics about Affiliate marketing

That’s all from our side on Affiliate Marketing. We have discussed in brief & ease language about Affiliate Marketing.

We have started from What is Affiliate marketing, How Affiliate marketing is done, What are the popular websites of Affiliate marketing,

What is the scope of Affiliate Marketing, How to earn from Affiliate marketing, How to start affiliate marketing, What are the most common terms & words.

Hope you like our content, Give us the feedback in the below comment section & let us know was the content was helpful for you.

Also, let us know what are some more topics you want to see on our website. Hope you come again to read more blogs on our page.

Thank You!

What is Affiliate Marketing
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