VidJack Reloaded Review: Add Unlimited Interactive Elements Inside ANY Video To Drive Massive Traffic, Conversions, And Sales For Your Business

VidJack Reloaded Review

Welcome to my Honest VidJack Reloaded Review.

Do you want to know more about VidJack Reloaded Review?

Here you will find detailed information about this VidJack Reloaded Review 2023.

Because I have tried Vidjack software as a Beta Tester & I will explain my all experience in this detailed Review.

In this review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at VidJack Reloaded and see what all the noise in the marketplace is about.

In this review, I’ll give you my honest opinion, as I reveal the truth behind this intriguing new tool, so you can decide whether it’s worth the money and it’s right for you.

So without delay let’s start this VidJack Reloaded Review!

Creator Of VidJack Reloaded

Ifiok Nkem
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Ifiok Nkem

Ifiok Nkem is a full-stack digital marketer & SaaSpreneur.

After experiencing a massive career shift (Medical doctor turned digital marketer), he built a multi-million dollar online business starting with just $100 and a laptop he borrowed from a friend.

He founded SnapiLABs – a tech innovation lab that has created and successfully launched MULTIPLE software like, Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded, Bestsellers with over 40,000 happy users from 47 countries.

Ifiok was vetted by Forbes & accepted into the prestigious Forbes Business Council in recognition of his track record of successfully impacting entrepreneurs & small businesses, and industry leaders as well as personal and professional achievements.

VidJack Reloaded is developed by Ifiok Nkem, an Online Marketer, Software Developer, and renowned JVzoo vendor, with 40,000+ customers actively using and benefiting from their products.

His products consistently deliver real-life results. They convert for their customers, and their support team is available 24/7 to help their customers to realize their dreams of making a living online using their proven business tools.

So, that means you can trust their creations as their software and business tools never disappoint.

VidJack Reloaded Review 2023 – Overview Of Product

Сrеаtоr:Ifiok Nkem
Рrоԁuсt:VidJack Reloaded
Lаunсһ Dаtе:July 30th2022
Lаunсһ Тіmе:11:59 PM EST
Оffісіаl ѕіtе:Click Here
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе:$37-$244
Воnuѕеѕ:ҮЕЅ, Big ВОNUЅ
Rеfunԁ:ҮЕЅ,  30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Ѕuрроrt:Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: High Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

Above is the Complete Overview of VidJack and I mentioned the creator name, the launch date of the product, and the Front End price details.

Introduction of VidJack Reloaded:

Traditional video content has proven to be engaging and highly converting over the years. But with the recent surge in online marketing activities by various businesses, brands and marketers, you need more than just the traditional videos to make any reasonable mark online nowadays.

Truth is; Traditional Videos are DEAD!

If you have any doubts, try posting a video online to see if you can even achieve a respectable amount of views, let alone leads or even sales.

Regular videos typically have a bounce rate of 5-7 seconds, which causes YouTube and other platforms to rank them lower. This results in a low view rate, no leads at all or none at all, and no sales.

But there’s a strategy smart marketers and the big brands have been using to consistently crush their video marketing campaigns…

It’s called “Interactive Video Marketing!”

What Is Interactive Video?

Interactive videos are videos where the audience participates in the viewing experience unlike traditional linear videos, interactive videos aren’t for passive viewing but instead, they encourage the viewer to engage directly with it for a more exciting experience.

Interactive video is a new exciting form of media that is revolutionizing video as we know it. Top brands across the world are already using interactive videos to engage with their customers and to great success… 

Today, I will show you how you can join them!

The technology behind interactive videos is still relatively new but more and more advertisers and content producers are starting to adopt it and for good reason.

So Far, only Big Brands With Deep Pockets Could Tap Into The Incredible Power Of Interactive Videos…

… But That’s About To Change

Get Ready for the New VidJack Reloaded App!

I decided to do an in-depth review based on the raving buzz around VidJack Reloaded which is very revolutionary…much needed… and solves a BIG problem for your all businesses.

We’ll cover how it works, who it’s for, how much it costs, the incredible bonuses, what the upsells are, and the pros and cons of this new tool, so you can make a more informed purchase decision… and of course, if it’s right for you.

First, Why Are So Many Businesses Actively Embracing Interactive Video?

What is VidJack Reloaded?

VidJack Reloaded
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VidJack Reloaded

VidJack is a brand new proprietary technology that legally hijacks any Youtube and Vimeo video and turns it into a profit-pulling machine by adding interactive elements (CTA, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc.) that delivers traffic, leads and sales in minutes.

Vidjack Reloaded is a cloud-based interactive hosting platform and video player that enables anyone regardless of skill or experience to drive video engagement and conversion faster and easier than ever for any marketing goal.

Vidjack Reloaded enables you to create high-value “interactive videos” that suck in traffic, build your list, and practically force people to buy through deeper engagement in 2023!

There are no constraints, complexity, or template limitations. Anyone can now launch interactive video campaigns that drive conversions. It’s as easy as point and click, and everything you need is included.

With amazing interactive elements like CTA (call to action), quiz, video embed, slider, opt-in form, countdown timer, logo and image overlay, button, file download, text overlay, map, custom HTML embed, and a plethora of other elements Which brings together videos to connect, engage and convert from all channels to reap massive online benefits.

It’s a cloud-based platform that allows you to quickly create profit-generating “interactive videos” by allowing you to add interactive elements that appear inside videos to increase engagement and conversions of over 11 percent over traditional videos. make capable. As a result, viewers are more likely to make a purchase.

VidJack Reloaded Review – Features & Benefits

1. Upload your own videos

You can now upload, create and manage videos directly inside your VidJack Reloaded dashboard. No limit anymore only for Youtube and Vimeo videos. Now you can create your own interactive videos by uploading videos directly from your local device.

2. Video Maker & Screen Capture

With this reloaded version, you can now capture and create instant screencast videos with our 1-click screencast video creation option. Capture your screen and camera, just your screen or just the camera, and go ahead to add interactive elements and turn your screencast into a profit-pulling machine, all on the go.

3. Multiple Player Theme

Choose from our pack of beautiful and attractive player themes to add more style and excitement to your videos. These custom player themes add more pop and excitement to your videos.

4. Simulated Live Stream

Effortlessly simulate an “interactive video” live stream session or evergreen webinar – it’s an effective way to keep your audience mesmerized, engaged, and ready to take action, completely hands-free!

5. Smart Custom Audiences

Convert video audiences to Custom Audiences and create ads specifically targeted at them. For example, in a webinar replay video where the pitch starts at 45 minutes, you can add users who have seen the ‘Saw Pitch’ Custom Audience up to that point and create super targeted ads targeting them.

6. Abandoned Video Leads

Ask your audience to watch your videos at their convenience. Instead of allowing them to bounce off your site and never see your video again, Abandoned Video Lead Gate allows them to request a video link directly to their inbox. Every site visitor converts!

7. Smart Auto Play

Auto-play feature to autoplay your videos on all devices. It smartly detects if your browser doesn’t support autoplay with sound and optimizes accordingly, so you can smartly maximize your views and conversions.

8. Resume Game

Instead of boring viewers by watching your video from the beginning every time, resume play allows them to pick up where they left off. It’s a powerful personalized customer experience that will blow your engagements and conversions.

9. Password Protected Videos

Protect your premium video content under a smart password gate, only visitors with a secret password will be able to access and watch videos.

10. QR Code Interactive Video Share Option

QR Code is a smart, fast, and easy way to share your interactive videos on online and offline media. According to verified statistics, more than 1 billion smartphones will access QR codes by the end of 2023. What does this tell you? More video views, leads, and sales.

11. Advanced Video Player Controls

Customize and design your video player according to your taste. Add and remove elements as you like with a single click of a button.

Here are some never-seen-before highly fascinating features of VidJack Reloaded.

VidJack Reloaded is loaded with everything you ever need to create attention-grabbing designs to use for yourself or start your profitable business.

  • Hijack any video & add unlimited interactive elements. Add CTAs, email gates, share gates, reviews, gamification, eCom widgets, etc., on any YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Build your email list. Build a massive email list by leveraging the latest in-video opt-in form technology!
  • When a user is watching a video, the video will be paused at the moment you choose, and the opt-in will appear. Once the opt-in is either filled in or closed down, the user can continue watching the video.
  • In-video call to action. Boost sales by adding “clickable” buttons, callouts, text, images, and links inside any YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • In-video gamification & rewards. Have users unlock coupons, discounts, freebies, etc., from right inside your video when they complete pre-defined actions.
  • e.g: watch this video for 2 mins to unlock a ‘free ebook’.
  • Sell your products with the inbuilt eCommerce engine. Showcase your products, sell, and get paid right inside any YouTube or Vimeo video in minutes.
  • Connect your PayPal and Stripe to receive payments right inside the video.
  • Hello <name> personalization. Boost your engagement, leads, and sales with personalization right inside any video using personalized text. e.g. click here <name>.
  • Countdown timers. Collect your visitor’s leads (email, phone, and messenger) for effective follow-up.
  • Go viral (share gate). The inbuilt viral engine allows your visitors to share your video and bring you more visitors who will also share and bring more like a chain reaction.
  • Quiz & surveys. 10x your engagement by adding multiple-choice quizzes and polls inside any YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Video in the video. Next-gen “video in the video”: maximize conversions by embedding videos inside your videos.
  • Boost your sales with reviews. Embed customer testimonials & reviews to boost credibility, trust, and sales. Activate this on your videos and watch social proof to boost your conversion rate.
  • Player customization & control. Add/remove each element on the player. Change the player color to fix your website brand.
  • Video skin & themes. Choose an eye-popping video skin for your videos.
  • Sticky videos. Make your videos sticky and float on page scroll thereby keeping your visitor’s eyeballs on both the video and your marketing messages.
  • Seamless integration with all the popular marketing apps. With 1 -click you can with all your favorite marketing apps, email autoresponders, Google, Facebook, marketing automation, webinar platforms, appointment apps, etc.
  • Vidjack email integration
  • Embed everywhere for maximum exposure. Embed your interactive videos anywhere. Sales page, blogging platforms, site builders, e-commerce stores, or share on social media and email.

Vidjack Reloaded Review – How does it work?

To activate the software, there are a few steps for you to follow. The process is actually very easy as follows:

Step 1: Choose Video

Simply choose any YouTube/Vimeo Video … or upload your own.

Step 2: Customize

Point-n-click to customize. Add interactive elements using the built-in drag-n-drop editor.

Step 3: 1-Click Embed & Send

Embed Anywhere – website, blogs, social media, emails, or share the links directly.

Many smart marketers and large multinational corporations are actively using interactive video to dominate their video and online marketing campaigns.

According to Mobile Marketer Research, interactive videos increase video viewing times by 47 percent and purchase intentions by up to 9 times.

They also have an average conversion rate of around 11%, which is significantly higher than the 1% conversion rate seen with Google Ads. This is absolutely fantastic!

If you’re interested in creating interactive videos for your company (or for your customers) that attract visitors and increase sales, visitors can learn more and even buy directly from your videos. .

Then look no further because Vidjack is the solution. Get instant access to new

VidJack Reloaded Review: Demo Video

VidJack solves a pressing and common problem for every business everywhere. The platform works seamlessly and is very easy to use. This creates an easy-to-activate income opportunity for all its users.

The good thing is that VidJack works for different industries which makes it useful for business owners. It is already revolutionizing industries by combining video marketing and e-commerce together.

Who is VidJack Reloaded For?

VidJack is for anyone who wants more from their video and online marketing efforts. VidJack will help ANYONE; drive more traffic, leads, and sales using videos.

This cutting-edge technology can also be perfect for;

  1. Sales Video
  2. Training Videos
  3. Intro Video
  4. Product Demos 
  5. Advertising
  6. eLearning e.g. lifesaver used interactive elements to create an educational video that helped its viewers learn about saving lives while practicing their decision-making ability 

VidJack Reloaded Review – Pros And Cons


  • Low one-time fee and lifetime deal
  • Higher video conversions guaranteed
  • Turn OTHERS Videos Into FREE Buyer Traffic
  • Super Easy, Even A 10 Yr Old Could Do This
  • 100% Ethical And Legal
  • A True World’s First, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like Vidjack Reloaded
  • Finally, Get Traffic That Turns Into Sales…
  • No Extra Expenses Or Fees Involved
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with VidJack software.

What’s VidJack Reloaded Really Worth?

From all that has been said, the value proposition is quite clear as it solves a true pressing and expensive problem.

If we come from the angle of outsourcing interactive video creation for your car sales, real estate property, and eCommerce products then you will have to pay for every new video you want to create which means spending thousands of dollars every month.

The least you will be charged for a good interactive video is about $500 just to be very conservative. 

Imagine you have 10 new property listings every month, that’s like paying $5000 every single month for a relatively high-quality video.

If you even hire a video agency to create high-quality interactive videos, then expect to pay nothing less than $1000 for just one video. 

That’s expensive ..right?

So you see the true worth of the problem this software solves?

To be fair, I’ll have said VidJack Reloaded is easily worth $297/Month . . . but for the added Inbuilt go-viral and e-commerce engine which opens a true opportunity to every user, then VidJack is fairly worth $497 – $997 per month.

What’s The Price of VidJack Reloaded?

VidJack plus all the awesome bonuses are going for a very TINY one-time fee of $47… Users get access to create 20 interactive videos with unlimited views. Can you beat that? 

And the truth is, that’s just a very tiny bitty fraction of its true value, market cost, not to mention the income potential!

Plus this little investment is backed by a solid ZERO RISK 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can test run the software with all the risk on the product creator.

Fair warning though, this low one-time fee is valid only during the launch special period, DON’T MISS IT!

Vidjack Reloaded is available for a low one-time price for a short period only. Make sure you act before the prices rise. The price will keep on increasing every hour.

VidJack Reloaded Review: Price And All OTO Details

OTO 1: VidJack Pro + Unlimited ($197)>>More Details<<

  • Unlimited Projects
  • UNLIMITED Interactive Videos
  • Create & Sell To Unlimited Clients
  • UNLIMITED Video Views
  • UNLIMITED Email Opt-ins
  • UNLIMITED Product Orders
  • UNLIMITED Quizzes And Questionnaires

Unlock Pro-Level Features;

  • Powered by Vidjack branding removal (Most requested feature)
  • 100GB Of Lightening-Fast Video Storage Space
  • 200GB Zero-Buffering Video Streaming Bandwidth Per Month
  • Video Stock Explorer
  • Image Stock Explorer
  • Background Music Explorer
  • + 4 Additional Software Apps As Launch Special Bonuses

OTO 2: VidJack Agency Dashboard + ToolKit($67)>>More Details<<

Let me recap what you will get inside

Client dashboard PLUS Done for you Interactive video marketing consultant kit.

Users get all the assets needed to start and run a 6-Figure ‘first-of-its-kind’ Interactive Video Marketing Agency.

Reloaded Interactive Video Marketing agency kit includes:

  • Animated Sales Video
  • Professional Agency Website
  • Telemarketing Script
  • Email Swipes
  • Proposals[Ms Word & Powerpoint Slides]
  • Web & Marketing Graphics[Biz Card, Letter Head, Brochures, Receipt, etc.]
  • Contract Agreement
  • And Lots More!

OTO 3: VideoTours360 Lifetime Deal ($67)>>More Details<<

Users get lifetime access to our bestseller VideoTours360 Ultimate Edition to Create and Sell interactive virtual tours with built-in Zoom-like video calls, an eCommerce engine, Gamification, and AI Optimization. 

Plus Commercial license & launch SPECIAL bonus: Zero to Profits VR Agency Accelerator Course.

OTO 4: VidJack Reseller ($297-$497)>>More Details<<

  • 30 FE Accts: $297
  • Unlimited FE Accts: $497

RESELL VidJack Reloaded app as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products.

My opinion:

Undoubtedly this is a game changer. Finally, I discovered a tool that allows me to hijack any video and insert my own video ads for free. I don’t think it gets any easier than this. Vidjack Reloaded allows me to hijack traffic from any video platform I want.

The beauty of this system is that you can do it all from a single, simple dashboard without any technical knowledge or prior experience in video production.

Vidjack Reloaded is ideal for creating interactive review videos, sales videos, walkthrough videos, and training videos, among other things. It works with Zapier and all major autoresponders.

The Vidjack Reloaded commercial license is included in the initial offer. It is not necessary to upgrade for this. You can easily charge $250 to convert traditional/linear video into a high-quality interactive video with just a few clicks on your Vidjack Reloaded dashboard.

Overall, it is safe to say that having this app is only beneficial for your business. I must not forget to mention one more thing. Vidjack Reloaded is currently available at a very low cost. This is your opportunity to achieve this and improve the performance of your company. Don’t wait for the price to go up.


I hope my VidJack Reloaded review can help you make a more informed and timely decision. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for your time. Best wishes to you!

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VidJack Reloaded Review
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