SiteGround Web Hosting Review: (Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons)

SiteGround Web hosting Review

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If any person is having a website or has a hosting to host his/her website he must have listened to the name SiteGround one a while in his entire life.

SiteGround is the Best WordPress hosting company. It is one of the most famous & reliable companies in the field of website hosting from WordPress.

This company provides you every single thing whatever is required is for a new website to be hosted. Their work is very effective & efficient.

Siteground is the most recommended & most popular website hosting company across the globe.

Today we will be discussing all the pros & cons of the Siteground Company & will provide you an honest review of the company.

We will also discuss what are the best offers given by the company & is it worth it going for this company.

After spending hours on research, I narrowed down my selection to Bluehost and FastComet.

Who owns SiteGround Web hosting company?

Every website requires trusted & reliable hosting to host the website; SiteGround is one of those websites.

SiteGround is a hosting company that was started in 2004 in Bulgaria. It is one of the most famous web hosting websites in the world.

From recent data, SiteGround has provided its service to 2,000,000 & still counting.

The company provides a lot of services with web hosting. The key feature & USP of the company is providing web hosting but there are many other services which are been provided by the company.

SiteGround provides domain registration, Email hosting, Cloud hosting, shared hosting.

According to the data from the company website the company has an overall 6 data centers.

These data centers are in the United States, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Netherlands & UK.

SiteGround Pros and Cons

As we are giving you the overall review of the website so it’s our responsibility to discuss all the pros & cons of the company with everyone.

We will mainly highlight all the cons in front of you & we will have an overall analysis.


We gonna discuss some of the Pros of the company which makes it different from any other company in the world.

  • Multiple Locations of Servers: The data centers & servers are divided into 6 parts in 3 different continents. So you can register according to your location preference.
  • Fast Servers: All the servers of the SiteGround are highly efficient & are fast from any other server from any other website. To make the server speed faster the company uses SSD drives. 
  • The company also updates its website from time to time so that the speed of the website should increase.
  • Customer Support: The Company has mind-blowing customer support, which is available 24/7 through different mediums like calling, live chatting & ticket-based support.
  • Their technical staff is available every time. New websites are very happy with their service. As new websites face a lot of issues in starting if any website


  • As we already told you that we will mainly focus on what are the cons of the company & we will try to give an honest & best review of the company.
  • We tried to contact a lot of users of the SiteGround Company hosting & tried to gather what are the main cons of the company.
  • We found most of the users were satisfied with the company but few users had an issue with the company.
  • Limited Storage: Company provides storage with all the plans. The storage provided by the company is enough if a person is staring at its new website. But with the time he/she may need some extra storage from the company for that they need to pay an amount.
  • Costing: I think personally that the offers come with nice costing but it is slightly higher than other companies available in the market.

SiteGround Hosting Plans and Features

There are different kinds of plans of the company, These plans are designed according to the needs & requirements of the customers.

The company had three basic plans of web hosting which include StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek.

These are some of the basic plans of the company.

Siteground Price
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Let’s have a detailed analysis of SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting company is which is best known for its efficiency & instant customer support facilities.

The well-optimized hosting of SiteGround gives you nice hosting for your website or blogs. That is the reason SiteGround is recommended by most of its users.

In this detailed analysis, we gonna discuss all the key features of the company which is provided by the company & can be a key for the users of the company.

We will discuss all the features of the company starting from Performance, Response rate, cost, Specs, and Support.

So stay connected with us with this blog & gather as much information as you can.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review: Good or Bad

Deciding on a hosting service based mostly on the options it has to supply is the best technique to go about it.

Furthermore, understanding whether or not or not the hosting helps your platform is of paramount significance.

(I’m right here sharing this evaluation of SiteGround completely as a WordPress person.)

SiteGround provides cPanel, a preferred website hosting dashboard. When you’ve got ever used a hosting service, the likelihood is you have got used cPanel hosting on some occasion or the opposite.

There are numerous elements of Siteground that make it stand out from different hosting providers. Allow us to check out all of the noteworthy options on this detailed SiteGround evaluation.

What are the Services given by SiteGround:

The company provides web hosting services in many fields like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla & Drupal.

These are the fields in which the company provides the service to their customers. The company has had a great reputation for a very long time.

What’s the response time of SiteGround?

If your website is down for some time there may be a lot of problems that can be faced by your customers & visitors to your website.

These customers & visitors can’t access your service or products from your website which can create a really bad impression on your customers.

So get resolved with this issue SiteGround provides you the best uptime for your website. This keeps on updating your website for your customers.

With this excellent uptime, the site gets updated every few minutes which is very much required in the present scenario of competition, Where every other person is fighting for the latest update.

SiteGround provides you the Excellent Uptime to its hosting customers & the maximum of the customers are very much satisfied with this service of the SiteGround.

SiteGround servers have a distinctive response time. For some places just like the US, the response time is as little as 1ms.

Presently, SiteGround has servers obtainable in a number of places akin to:

  • Chicago, USA.
  • London, UK.
  • Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands.
  • Singapore.

Simply to let, Google cloud integration occurred someday in late 2019, and now you could have the choice to select a number of server location-based mostly in your audience.

SiteGround Support and Customer Service

Any company which is a product-based or a service-based company the most important thing for that company is their focus on their customers.

SiteGround has the full focus on its customers, They also say that they are always for the customer service in the company.

The company claims that they have already a bunch of questions & articles pre-prepared which are very helpful for their customers.

SiteGround provides 24/7 calling support for customers who need help at any time of the day regarding their website.

The company also has other features like a live chatting feature & a ticket-based system.

I have used the customer service of the company they are very fast in giving the response to your queries.

The executives who deal with the customers are very much trained & very much professional. They listen to all the issues very patiently.

New Updates at SiteGround:

The company has come with some of the new upgrades which will help the customers a lot in the web hosting of their websites.

  • 30% better website speed & performance:  In the testing the company found that PHP setup reduces the time to first byte by 50% approx, With this reduction in TTFB the server process more request than a ideal system.
  • With the use of PHP setup it lowers the memory usage by about 15% which resulting the fast loading of the website.
  • Cloud Plans on Same Price: The company has started to provide an add on in its plan in the cloud hosting.
  • Now the company added a CPU core & 2GB RAM in its cloud hosting plan on the same price.
  • This upgrade is a big upgrade in the cloud hosting as it will increase the speed of the website.
  • Webmail App: Company has launched a Webmail application for hosting plan using the websites tools.

The Webmail application will help to change the passwords & set different passwords for the email automation, forwarders & filters.

These are some of the new upgrades which have been done by the company in the last few weeks which are very helpful for the websites.

Using these upgrades will improve the speed of the website & optimize the website on another level.

Where we can Use the SiteGround Hosting?

Siteground Web hosting review
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SiteGround provides all the fantastic features in its hosting. It is highly recommended for all websites.


A big question arises that on which websites it is perfect to use, which websites will be efficient with working & will the company can support the big projects & big E-commerce websites.

The answer is, It is compatible with all the websites. It is one of the best hosting companies among all the other hosting companies.

We have known about the company & seen all the Pros & Cons of the company we have also seen that which all sites will be convenient for this web hosting.

Now we will discuss all the main & unique features of the company which makes the company the most recommended & trusted company among all the other web hosting companies.

Website Design

There must be a question in your mind that does SiteGround only provides web hosting, What if anyone wanted to set up a new website.

You can also customize your website from here by picking up some of the themes & plug-ins which are already available in the gallery of it.

SiteGround works with Weebly which is a very famous website builder. Weebly helps you to make & design a fantastic website according to your needs & requirements.

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If you want to know more about website building & website designing from SiteGround then Google Weebly & have a look for that feature provided by SiteGround.

SiteGround offers different hosting plans which consist of Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, & dedicated hosting plans.

These different hosting’s have different packages with different features involved in their packages.

Shared Web Hosting:

If anyone has started a new website & planning to go for the SiteGround for the hosting purpose he/she has to go for Shared hosting.

Shared hosting perfectly fits for a new website according to the needs & requirements of the new website.

As his website will grow with the time to fulfill its needs the package can be upgraded to other offers & packages.

Shared hosting is always preferred for low-traffic websites means there would not be a lot of load on the server.

Having Shared hosting means sharing resources with the other websites which all are hosted on the same server.

Many of people don’t have enough budget so that they can go for the premium offers of the SiteGround so having web hosting from Shared hosting is the deal to save some amount of money & also have to host from SiteGround.

Shared hosting is low in cost due to there are other websites too which are available on the same server which shares the same resources.

It also helps as if any other website which is on the same server haves huge traffic it won’t affect the other websites which are on the same server.

There are a lot of plans available for web hosting from SiteGround. Different plans include different facilities & features in it, like storage capacity, suitable traffic, (SSL) certification Secure Socket Layer, backup of daily data & Support for service.

The company has many shared web hosting plans; you may pick the plans according to your use & preferences.

SiteGround WordPress web Hosting:

SiteGround provides WordPress hosting to its customers. The company provides high security in this kind of hosting.

They manage the website in a very nice way & optimize the website to have the best functioning of website.

SiteGround optimizes in such a way that the website can give the maximum output in terms of speed & performance.

The company provides all the features & specializations as provided from some other websites in which some of these include daily backup, Staging, Content management & page caching.

The SiteGround also provides the facility for one-click transfer, It is one of the best features which is provided by any of the hosting companies.

In the single click feature if the website is hosted on any other hosting company & the owner wanted to shift the website from that company to SiteGround hosting.

The owner just needs to take the plan of the SiteGround hosting & the whole website will be shifted on the SiteGround hosting in just a single click.

No charge will be taken to transfer the website from one hosting to the other hosting. The company provides many offers & discount coupons.

As in Shared hosting WordPress hosting also have many different offers which include different things in it. Like storage, monthly visitors limits, etc.

The company provides you many kinds of free plug-ins & themes to apply on your website & make your website more attractive & beautiful for your customers.

These plug-ins & themes are very nice & make your website super smooth & personalize the website so that it can be used across the world.

Cloud Hosting:

SiteGround provides cloud hosting to their customers. In cloud hosting everything is uploaded on the cloud servers.

If a customer or user takes the cloud hosting he/she gets the facility to access data from the cloud server.

The data stored is in the cloud server which can be accessed from anywhere even at a very high speed which optimizes the websites & increases the speed of the website also.

A website having cloud hosting is more optimized & the response of the website is far better than the website having shared hosting or WordPress hosting.

The cloud hosting provides the cloud server which is super fast in updating the data of the website & provides 40 to 120 GB of cloud storage.

The website which is having high traffic in number should go for the cloud hosting as it also provides up to 5TB of monthly data transfer.

If you have this hosting for your website than you don’t need to worry about the response time of the website.

 Security Feature’s given by the Company:

The safety & security of the website is the major concern of any website. There should not be any external threat that may harm our website & our data.

Keeping this concern in mind SiteGround has many of the fantastic security features which help to keep our website safe & optimized.

The company has a feature named Leech Protect. This facility prevents the website to leak any of the IDs & passwords in the public which can be a great threat to the website.

SiteGround also gives you the Cloud Flare in which the user can log in & can get the data from the cloud server which is a nice feature of the website.

The company has some other security options like hotlink protection, IP blocker, Spam Experts & Spam Assassin.

These are some more security features that are given by the company to protect the website from different threats.

The company also has one of the scanners named SG Site Scanner which helps you to know which website is under attack from some external problem.

If you are worried about any kind of malware attack on your website or on your codes you can go for the tool named SiteCheck which will help you to know what is the issue or any malware attack is on your website.

Let’s have Expert Review of SiteGround:

SiteGround is one of the most trusted companies for web hosting. This company is the highest-rated company for web hosting across the world. 

Lacks of reviews are already available on the internet of the users & customers who are using web hosting from the SiteGround. 

SiteGround provides the best speed & security to your website which can’t be provided by any other company.

They have support available 24/7 in which they are always available for your help & your support.

They are always there for any kind of bug fixing & technical support for the website. They provide all the solutions in a much secure way.

As there is a lot of technical & security support from the website so it is highly recommended for the new websites. 

New websites need a lot of expert advice & technical support so taking web hosting from SiteGround is very much useful for a new website.

SiteGround has a lot of unique features that include automatic upgrades, one-click staging, GIT version control & CDN.

FAQs about SiteGround hosting

1. How much does SiteGround cost?

SiteGround web hosting has different types of offers & plans. These plans are designed according to the needs & requirements of the customers which are being analyzed by the company. The company has different plans which include the StartUp plan, GrowBig plan, GoGeek.These are some of the plans which come under different price ranges.

2. Can I pay SiteGround monthly?

Yes! You can pay the SiteGround on the monthly basis. The company also has a very beneficial offer. If the user doesn’t like the service of the company, So he can have a refund of his amount in the same credit card. *T&C

3. Does SiteGround offer a free domain?

No! SiteGround doesn’t give an offer for the Free Domain.

4. Can I buy a domain from GoDaddy and host elsewhere?

Yes! You can buy a domain from any website & host it on SiteGround.

5. Which SiteGround plan is best?

SiteGround has different types of plans & offers. You can pick your plans as per your needs & requirements. If you are a beginner then you can go for the StartUp plan.


SiteGround is a famous & most recommended web hosting across the world the company was started in 2004 by some of university boys. The company has 6 data centers on 3 different continents.

The company is best in web hosting but it also provides other services like website building, domain registration, etc.

We tried to find both pros & cons of the website from the users.

We researched some of the questions prepared. We took the feedback from the people who are using the hosting for the last many years.

Our main focus was to find the cons of the company, but most of the people had a review that they are overall satisfied with the company service.

Some of the people pointed some of the cons like the high price of the plans & low storage but other than this most of them were seen satisfied.

The company has great offers & plans for beginner websites. They have great customer service which is always there to resolve all the issues of their customers.

So overall

Taking web hosting from SiteGround is worth it as it provides all the facilities & features which can be used to have a perfect website.

Though the price of the plans is quite high having a 24/7 service for the customers & other features like a cloud server is worth it.

The SiteGround is worth it investing & taking the web hosting from this company & it is most recommended from our side.

So please let us know how you liked our review of the SiteGround web hosting company. If you want more such posts on these topics let us know.

Stay connected with us & also gives your feedback about our post.

SiteGround Web hosting Review
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