How to Earn money from YouTube: (Step by Step)For Beginners

How to Earn money from YouTube

In today’s time, there are still many places where people use the Internet at the very least, on the other hand, there are many people who are also earning money from it.

So do you guys want to know how to earn money from YouTube, then you will definitely read this post.

You people may have also seen some videos in which only you are told that money is made by uploading videos on YouTube, but no one has told how the money earned from YouTube will come to our bank. And what is its entire process?

Today’s post, I will tell you this information in detail, I will try my best to explain one thing to you all, hope that you will understand this method very well.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform where anyone can upload their own video, but whatever video is uploaded, the video is made only by looking at YouTube’s policy,

That is to say, I mean that we cannot upload any video on YouTube in which we do not tell about anyone’s religion or any such thing in our video that harm anyone.

And with the help of YouTube, when we monetize our channel by uploading videos, then we can earn money from here and along with earning money, we also get an identity.

How to make Money on YouTube?

Often people only know that to how to make money from YouTube, then we have to make and upload videos only on YouTube and after that, we can start making money from YouTube, but this is not the first thing we need to know about many things Only then we can go and earn money from YouTube.

YouTube never gets the money of Views, Likes, and Comments of these three, we are given money for all the advertisements that come on our videos, so many people thought that they get the money from Views Likes and Comments too. Is not.

So let’s also know how ads start coming on our videos, so first of all to you,

On your YouTube channel 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch-time will have to be completed, after this, ads will start coming on all videos of our channel.

All the videos that are in them are all made on your own. You cannot download any video from the Internet and upload it anywhere in that video, if you do this then your channel will never have ads.

How many views to make money from youtube

So when 4000 hours of watch-time and 1000 Subscribers are completed on our YouTube Channel, after that we have to create an account of Google Adsense and link it with our YouTube Channel, then within about 1 week, our Google Adsense Approve goes.

Then after this, all the ads that come on our YouTube channel will continue to receive money accordingly and that money gets added to our Google Adsense account on the 11th of every month.

Similarly, when more than $ 10 money has been added to our Google Adsense account, then we need to verify our address so that our payment will be able to reach our bank account.

So first we have to upload our PAN card when the $ 10 is full, then the notification is shown to us at the top in Google AdSense account, by clicking there, we have to upload our PAN card.

After doing this, an Address Pin Verification Letter also arrives at our address, it has a 6-digit number written in it, we have to put it in our Google Adsense and Verify it.

We have to fill all the details of our bank in Google Adsense Account, in which one of the most important things comes and that is the Swift Code, which many people are worried about, where will I get the code from?

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So let me tell all of you that any bank where you have an account, you can go to your bank and ask about the Swift Code there, they will take some information from you about where this payment is coming from and for which purpose this money is coming And after that, you will be given this Swift Code.

And when you will fill the rest of the bank details including Swift Code in your Google Adsense Account, whenever you complete or exceed $ 100 in your Google Adsense account, send money to your bank on the 21st of the next month. Will be given

Which will be successfully transferred in your bank account between 26th to 30th of the same month, you can also go to your bank and check whether your payment came or not.

Other methods to How to earn money on YouTube: –

Many people use only Google Adsense to earn money from YouTube, while apart from this, there are many ways that we can make money from YouTube, so let me give you some of the most used methods I will tell you about those.

Google Adsense: –

So as I just told you that to earn money from YouTube, you have to put ads on your videos with the help of Google Adsense and after that, according to all the ads that will come on our videos, we will start getting money.

I have told all of this process above to you as soon as you have $ 100 completed in your Google Adsense Account, you can get it transferred to your bank account.

So this is how some people make money with Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing: –

Affiliate Marketing This means that if we tell about any product in our video and when that product is found online on the site, then by creating an affiliate link to that product,

We will put it in the description of our video and if anyone buys this product from that link, then we get a percentage of its commission, some of them earn money by doing affiliate marketing.

Super-Chat: –

Super Chat means that whenever we do Live Stream on our YouTube Channel and if anyone does Super Chat there, then they have to pay us some money, after that whatever comment they may have written in our Live Stream High light for the time being.

Super Chat is most commonly used in Gaming channels because only those with Gaming channels do live to stream and those who like to watch Gaming videos also give Super Chat.

Brand Deals (Sponsorship): –

Sponsorship means that if we are making any video and in that same video, if we tell that video about any application or any product or any other brand, then to get that brand promoted,

The owner of that YouTube channel gives some money, for a few seconds in his video, we just have to tell our audience about the brand whose brand he is in. To earn money from YouTube, this is also a good way.

Last Word: –

In the end, I would just like to tell all of you that if you guys also want to earn money from YouTube, then you must do a little hard work in the beginning.

I have seen many people that they upload videos for a few days and if their If you do not see the views, then leave.

You people do not have to do this. If your videos are not visible, then all of you have to see why people are not watching your videos.

Make improvements in your Thumbnail and try to end your videos. Till then definitely see that you too will definitely start coming traffic.

So how did you all like this post on How to earn money through YouTube, you must definitely comment by commenting below and if you have liked the post, then definitely share it to all your friends who want to earn money online through YouTube.

How to Earn money from YouTube
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