How to do Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guide for Blogger

How to do Keyword Research

If you are here to read ‘How to do keyword research‘ it means that you know about Keyword Research & How to do Keyword Research for SEO.

You must be very eager to know, what are keywords, How to find Keyword Research for SEO, How to find Low Competition Keyword, To know the Keyword Research tools.

Here we will start learning from the basics of Keyword’s & we will see How to do Keyword research in 2022, How to find Keyword for SEO, Keyword Research Tips, How to find the best Keywords for SEO& we will also see about Keyword Research tools which can be used for Keyword planning.

What is a Keyword?

Before knowing about Keyword Research & Keyword research tools, we must understand what is a Keyword?

A keyword is any character that is searched on GOOGLE or any other search engine in which the search engine shows different websites & results which are listed on the search engine.

Keywords can be called characters or terms which are used by the owner of the website to rank his/her website on a list of the search engine.

To specifically rank in the list specific keywords are used. Anything typed or searched in the search engine will take you to a result page where different websites would be appearing.

So, we will learn Why Keyword Research is important, Keyword research tips, what keyword research tools, How to find low competition Keywords, How to do Keyword Research & what Keyword research tips should be used for keyword research.

What is Keyword Research?

As we have seen keywords are used for the ranking & to find Low Competition Keywords in the listing of search engines. So it’s very essential to do a Keyword Research.

What is Keyword Research?
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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is searching for terms that are mostly searched or entered in the search engine.

It is done to find & analyze the terms which can be used as a keyword & we can get the best keywords for SEO which will help our content to rank in the search list of Google or any search engine.

There are a lot of ways to do keyword research. There are different keyword planner tools & many keyword research tools, before learning about these tools first we know why is Keyword research is important.

Is Keyword Research Important?

A loud Yes!

keyword research is very much important as it helps us to get the perfect keyword for SEO, we get Low competition Keywords for our content.

structure of keyword research
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structure of keyword research

Keyword research is important as it researches & analyses the most common terms & phrases that are searched on the internet. It tells us about what are topics or keywords that people normally search or love to read about those topics online.

Keyword research is also important as it helps us to know How to find best Keyword Research for SEO, How to find low competition Keywords& which keyword is being searched maximum no of times or can be said which keyword is driving the maximum no of traffic to the result page of the search engine.

By doing the Keyword research we can also know about the popularity, search volume, CPC (Cost per click) & general intent of the topic on which we are doing the keyword research.

Keywords Research is also done so that SEO (Search engine Optimisation) can be done easily & efficiently we may get best Keywords for SEO.

For eg let’s say: If we search How to earn money online? so there will be a lot of results shown on the search engine page in which it will show many websites that may have some links of trading websites or maybe information about the affiliate marketing & may have some product website, Blogging website, Photo editing, etc.

The final decision will be of the person in which the link he wants to visit & learn about how to earn money online.

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Steps for How to do Keyword Research for Perfect SEO?

Now we will see How to do keyword research step by step & How to find best keyword for SEO & How to find low competition Keywords than we will get a unique & nice keyword which can drive the maximum number of traffic on our website.

How to Use Ubersuggest for Keyword Research
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How to Use Ubersuggest for Keyword Research

We will also see some of the Keyword Research tips & How to use Keyword Research tools.

Step-1: Know deep about Your Website & Niche!

Many times, people face a lot of problems in selecting the topic for their websites or the niche (niche means the topic or unique segment on which content will be about).

There should be no confusion in selecting the niche for your website because it will create a great effect on your website’s SEO.

Selecting a perect niche will helps you a lot to analyse & identify your competitors, best keywords for SEO & low competition keywords. Selecting a niche is most important but its challenging as we continuously have so many ideas going in our mind.

The best way to select any niche, If you have any product or any brand then you have your niche & promote your product online independently by letting your audience know about the features of your products & reach your consumers.

Your product description & features can be used as low completion keywords & it will be the best keyword for SEO doing.

But if you don’t have any product & having a problem in finalizing your niche than select a topic in which you have the most interest or topic  which you have the maximum knowledge.

For e.g. let’s say You love Cooking Food & you have many secret recipes, so let’s take the niche as Cooking, now you have your niche of cooking & recipes, as we know this a very broad niche which may have millions of searches.

We just need to find a best keyword which will have a maximum no of traffic on it. Using any keyword according to your interest may help you to find best keyword for SEO.

Once we have decided on the niche of our website (Cooking) than we need to find low competition keywords on which our content will rank.

Now you just need to focus on How to do kyword research & How to find keyword research for SEO on which our content will rank, & for this, we have many Keyword research tools & Keyword planner tools we will see further.

Step-2 Seed the Keywords

To do any keyword research for Ranking we need to be very clear about where we need to start so that we may find low competition Keywords & best keywords for SEO , So we need to start from starting phrases  & these starting phrases are called ‘Seed Keyword‘.

Seed keyword will help to grow the list which will later be our keyword strategy.

When we need to make the seed keyword, we should often use our brain that which will the most common search queries on the internet. What we would have searched if we would search the Internet.

  • What is my Website about?
  • What is my Niche?
  • What is my product is for?
  • What can be the most searched keyword as a common person?
  • On what keyword I want to rank?

Let’s understand in simple way, these are normal questions which we can have in our brain immediately.

Let’s say ‘cooking‘ is our niche which & we say that we use ‘cooking’ as the seed keyword, but it is a very broad & deep topic.

So ‘cooking‘ will be called as the poor seed keyword.

Let’s say ‘Secret recipe of Butter Chicken‘ it will be a Good seed keyword because this keyword is more specific than the previous one & this can be used as a keyword with a low competition keyword.

So, while making the seed keyword we need to think like an audience & use the seed keywords what an audience would have searched & find out to the point keyword related to your niche.

Step-3 Generate Ideas for Keywords

So now we have a list of the seed keyword. It is the most important keyword research tips.

In this step to make the main keyword list. We also need to understand & analyze what people are more searching on the internet regarding your niche.

We need to find out the keyword phrases & keyword for SEO which is often searched on the internet. Let say we have software for editing videos named “Alpha effects“. So, some keyword phrases which will be mostly searched on the internet might be.

  • How to edit any video
  • Alpha effect software
  • How to use alpha effect
  • Alpha effect can edit the photos
  • Best video editing software

These may be the most common searched keywords which people may search on the internet.

There are a few ways by which we can see what more often people search on the internet & How to do keyword research ineffective way & how to find low competition keywords.

Know Your Niche Well

Many times, just by analyzing your niche properly we can find the best keywords for SEO that are not targeted yet or not used by any other person means getting low competition Keywords.

We just need to study our niche properly, use our basic common sense & using the Keyword Research tool can get find keywords for SEO.

We just need to think differently & think out of the box to find the low competition Keywords. We need to analyze,

  1. who is reaching our content & how much he is interested in content.
  2. What are the requirements of the researcher.
  3. Is our content is fulfilling the requirement of the researcher.
  4. Need to take the feedback of our regular customers.
  5. In which language or tone our audience is comfortable with us.
  6. Keep checking the internet & social media to see the latest update regarding our niche.

So let’s take the previous example of “Alpha effects” which is a video editing software.

So, to find low competition keyword we need to see that who is using our software & what is the requirements of our users.

So, we may find keyword for SEO are:

  • How to edit videos within minutes
  • Learn to edit videos professionally
  • Learn video editing course
  • Edit your videos like studio

Audience searching these keyword  phrases or keywords will indirectly land to our content or product if we use these keywords in our content.

Keyword from Keyword research tools

We have our niche, we have our seed keyword, we also have our expected keywords phares which might be searched by the audience on the internet.

Now we will see How to find Keyword for SEO, How to find low competition Keyword for SEO & how to use Keyword research tools

But it’s always being suggested to use the keyword research tools to find keyword for SEO & to make the keyword strategy for the future.

There are many keyword research tools available on the internet (Paid & free) which can be used to do keyword research. Many of these keyword research tools are paid & many of them are free.

These tools will help you a lot in finding the specific & best keywords for SEO which would be of low competition keywords & can be the best keywords for SEO.

These Keyword planner tools let you know all information about a particular keyword like the volume of search, Difficulty level, CPC (Cost Per Click).

These Keyword Research tools also show that which website is ranking for what specific keyword & how much traffic that website is getting from that keyword.

These Keyword planner tools also help in to find low competition keywords. These Keyword Research tools help a lot to find the best keywords for SEO.

Here are some Keywords Research Tools:

  1. Google AdWords
  2. SEMrush
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. Ahrefs
  6. Keyword In
  7. Soovle
  8. Wordtracker Scout

& many more, These are some of the Keyword research tools or the Keyword Planner tool which helps a lot to find the best keywords for SEO  & analyze every single point of a keyword.

On What Keywords your Competitors are Ranking?

It is also one of the very smart ways to do Keyword research. It may be possible that your competitor has already done the keyword research for you & may have written any content on that keyword. That keyword may be of low competition keyword.

It is the smart way to get the keyword & find out which keyword is ranking.

If we don’t get the competitor keywords than we may use the seed keywords & either put them in keyword research tool or Google them to know the best Keyword.

In most of the keyword research tools, they show which website is ranking for which specific keyword.

If search our seed keyword on google than the websites show on the first page of google, the websites which are ranking.

So, let’s take a previous example of ‘Learn to edit video’ by using the seed keyword.

 We can see which website is ranking for this keyword & also know about What are applications available for editing a video.

Check What keywords on which you are Ranking

If you already have a website you must be ranking on google for some of the keywords.

If you have a product-based website you must have the customer reviews & feedback on your product. In which your description & features of the product are Keyword for SEO.

This can be the best way to start from your website which is already being ranked on some of the keywords.

You can use these keywords which would be unique & best keywords for SEO & best for the ranking on Google.

You can also give a reply to your customers who are using your product & having some queries or questions regarding your product.

You may also give them an answer of the most frequently asked question regarding your product on google.

Starting from your website will help a lot as you must be aware of the niche & content of the website & help a lot to find low competition keywords.

You already being ranking on google for these keywords before which will cause fewer problems for you to rank again on the internet.

Step-4 Make Your Keyword Strategy

After the 2nd & 3rd step, we know how to do Keyword Research we have our Seed keywords, you have the keyword ideas, You know how to use Keyword Research tools  How we can find best keyword for SEO?

So, What next?

When we were on the 4th step, we got many keyword ideas regarding our niche, but it can be a great confusion that which keyword we should pick & which we should drop.

So we need to make proper keyword Strategy in which we need to decide how to use these keywords in our content.

So, in this step, we will see how we will decide which keyword is best for SEO.

We will see & learn how we will select our keywords by just analyzing some of the certain parameters which we can get from different Keyword Research tools & keyword Planner tool.

So, what are these are some of the Parameters by which we can decide the Keyword for SEO ?

  1. Keyword difficulty
  2. Potential of traffic
  3. Potential of traffic
  4. Cost per Click (CPC)

These parameters are easily available on the keyword Research Tools we just need to analyze them & we may get the best keyword for SEO.

Let’s See.

1. Keyword Difficulty:

Keyword difficulty is a keyword metric while doing the keyword research.

The keyword difficulty is shown in the Keyword research tools  when we wanna do the Keyword Research after entering the keyword phrase in Keyword planner tool.

Every Keyword research tool have a different way to calculate the difficulty level

The higher the number would be, the higher will be the difficulty level & lower the number, easier will be the difficulty level & it will be easier to rank on that particular keyword.

If we want to find the low competition keyword so we need to search the lower difficulty level keywords.

Selecting lower difficulty keywords is always recommended it’s because low competition keyword have more chances of ranking.

2. volume of Search:

The volume of Search shows that how much is the demand for these keywords. How much Keyword is being searched by the audience on the internet in search engines?

This search result also shows that where the keyword is particularly searched in which specific region of the country or world.

Seeing the search volume of any keyword is important & helpful soo as it shows about the exact number of volume in which keyword is searched by the audience on the internet to get the best keyword for SEO.

Earlier days maximum people used to see the keyword volume from the Google AdWords as its data was seen as authentic & accurate, But from the last few years, google removes all the data(How to do Keyword Research).

There are still many ways of analyzing the search volume to get the best keywords for SEO like we use a tool named Google Trends which is used to find the best keywords. (How to do Keyword research)

3. Potential of Traffic

Traffic is something which is very neccerary to analyze. when someone visits your website by clicking. In organic search, is called traffic.

Our ultimate target is to find low competition keywords & achieve maximum no of traffic on our website. Which directly means no of clicks = no of traffic.

So, we may get the traffic on our website from different keywords too like let’s say ‘How to edit videos’ is a keyword.

We are getting some traffic from this keyword but if someone searches with another phrase ‘Learn how to edit videos in professional’.

‘learn how to edit videos in profestional’ can bring you the traffic on your website. We just need to focus on the top resulting keywords & how to use those keywords on your website.

4. Cost Per Click (CPC):

At last, we get information about this parameter too, which is very important in How to do  keyword research.

CPC is mainly used in advertisements rather than SEO’s purpose.

CPC is basically (Cost Per Click) which is used as the amount you pay for clicking the PPC (Pay Per Click) in ads platforms like Google AdWords.

CPC differs on the various factors like your quality score, Including your max bid & rank of another advertising bidding on the same keyword.

The CPC value that we see in the other apps differs. We want to see the actual data that we should see on Google AdWords. (How to do keyword research)

Step-5 Make a list of researched Keywords.

Now from the above step, we got our best keywords for SEO & low competition keywords by studying & analyzing all the parameters nicely.

So now when we have all the keywords, we need to make a proper list of best keywords so that we can use them for the SEO.

The use of best keyword for SEO in a proper way so that we can arrange it, it will help us a lot while doing SEO of the website.

Proper use of the keywords we can rank easily on the internet.

So, to use all these keywords, (How to do keyword research) its always better to make the grouping of the keywords.

Grouping of is basically done in two ways:

  1. Parent Topic
  2. Business point of view

Group by Parent Topic:

In earlier days there was a trend of ranking on one keyword on a particular page. In that only one Keyword was used to rank on a page.

But now the trend has been changed currently a single page can rank on many low competition keywords. We can use many keywords in a single page or content which will rank for most of them.

As a single page will rank for many low competition keywords so automatically our page will achieve traffic on it.

We just need to recognize & understand, where to use the best keyword for SEO, what will be enough & In what way low competition keywords should be used, what would be the sequence of using the best keywords researched.

Group for Business point of view:

We have seen how a single page can rank for hundreds of low competition keywords. Many websites use the keywords to just for the business point of view.

This means many websites use maximum no of keywords in their website or page which will attract a lot of traffic on that page from all the keywords used in the page & ultimately the page will rank on the top.

These pages who use keywords to attract the maximum no of traffic on the page actually use these keywords as a business purpose.

These pages ultimately get a lot of traffic but don’t get the conversion from the ads which can be seen online.

As the maximum traffic comes from different keywords so they have a very low conversion rate.

Step-6 Set the Sequence of Keywords.

We have finally reached our last step of ‘How to do Keyword research’. As we have found our seed keyword, find the best keyword for SEO & even groped them.

Now it’s time for us to set the sequence of the use of the keywords.

We need to understand that how to use the final keywords in a systematic & priority way.

As we have all low competition keywords with the help of Keyword research tools & Keyword planning. We also know which keyword is getting more traffic & have more search volume.

Now we just need to arrange these Keywords systematically.

We have come to an end of learning How to do keyword research. We have learned everything about How to do keyword research from the beginning & in a very easy way.

We have started from knowing What is a keyword? then we saw What is Keyword Research? Later on, we learned about the importance & steps of the keyword research.

There are mainly 6 steps in Keyword research planning. In these 6 steps we learned from deciding the niche for our website, seed keyword, keyword ideas, we learned about the keyword research tool, then we saw How to make a strategy for a keyword, How to analyze keywords on different parameters, then we saw how to make a list of keywords & how important is making a keyword list, in the last step we learned about setting the keywords in a systematic way.

If you liked our content then show your love in the comment section, give us more suggestions regarding our content & new ideas.

You can share our content with your friends & let them know How to do Keyword Research in a brief & easy way. You may subscribe to handy blogging & hit the bell icon for new updates of our content.

How to do Keyword Research
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