7 Best WordPress Themes for Blogging

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging

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To make the best website for blogging you need many of the things like free best blogging tools & most importantly the best theme.

The theme is one of the things on the website which gives your website a feel & makes it presentable.

Using the best theme on your website makes your website better in many ways, as it makes your website lighter & fast.

The best theme is judged on many of the parameters which are connected to the website directly or indirectly.

In a blogging site, the theme plays a very important role in the website, It gives you the whole design of the site.

We have prepared a list of the 7 Best WordPress Themes for Blogging.

To choose the best theme for WordPress for blogging is not an easy task, We have judged these themes on many parameters & on the self-experience.

The theme lists we have prepared are very much compatible with every website but we are here with the blogging success themes.

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Best WordPress Themes for Blogging

1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress Themes
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In our list GeneratePress is on the top of the list, This theme is kept on the top due to its specific features & performance.

GeneratePress Theme is a best WordPress theme that is very well known for a lightweight WordPress theme.

As the theme is very light due to this the speed of the blogging website automatically increases, Using this theme has a great experience for its users.

The design & all the templates are very simple which makes the theme light, which gives a smooth & fantastic experience to its users.

I recommend this website for your blogging site as this theme is also used in many of the eCommerce sites due to its fast response.

Let’s see some of the key features of the GeneratePress WordPress theme.

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Features of GeneratePress:

  • Performance- This theme gives a very premium feel to the website. The theme also improves the speed & performance of the site.
  • The theme is very much secured & stable which can be called a perfect theme for any of the sites.
  • The theme is designed in such a way it takes care of your SEO also & also provides the best experience to its users.
  • Free version- GeneratePress WordPress theme comes with a free version of it. This free version consists of most of the basic features of the theme.
  • This free version of the theme is given so that the user can check the theme before spending an amount on the theme.
  • It’s a trial form of the main theme, the free version doesn’t consist of many of the features which are available in the main theme.
  • Editing Section- Many of the themes doesn’t have this feature, In the editing section of the GeneratePress, the user can edit the pages by its self.
  • In this the user himself can edit the pages according to its requirements, he doesn’t need to rush to any other person to edit his pages.
  • This is a very helpful feature which is available in this theme which will save a lot of time & money for the user.
  • User can add or remove the things which are not needed in the site, Different plugins can be added in it.
  • WordPress Ecosystem- GeneratePress has different modules already available saved in the gallery of the theme.
  • These modules can be easily activated & deactivated on few clicks. These modules make your site handier & super smooth.

Pricing of GeneratePress:-

As there is a free version is available but the free version doesn’t consist of all the features of the theme.

You can get the GeneratePress WordPress theme for $49.95 only.

2. Astra

Astra Theme
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Astra is one of the most popular & famous WordPress themes presents on the internet in today’s scenario.

The Astra comes with a huge library of pre-built website demos & templates.

These demo websites & templates are used to design a perfect website that will fulfill all your needs.

The main USP of this theme is the theme builds the website in a very simple & professional way, which gives a very nice & smooth look to the website.

The websites which are designed from this theme are very fast & haves a professional feel on the website.

The website which is prepared by this theme is very lightweight but it gives a feel of a heavy & well-optimized website.

As the website designed looks very much heavy & professional but the loading rate of the website is really fast.

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Features of Astra:

  • Professional Layouts- Astra theme comes with very nice & professional features of website building. 
  • The features introduced in this theme are very professional which creates a great impact on the website.
  • The user can design its website in the way he wanted & according to its requirements.
  • There are many of the professional features in the theme to customize the website either it would be the sidebar, Header, Footer, or menu option.
  • WooCommerce features- Astra theme also has a feature to build the WooCOmmerce stores online.
  • This feature will not only help you to make a store on WooCOmmerce but also help to start the sale, where people can come to buy from the open-source eCommerce which is available globally.
  • Professional Website Building- To build a website in Astra theme we needed a page builder who can create all the options & add menus in the site.
  • Advance menu, Sidebar, Header, Footer & main menu are there in the theme which is to be added to the website.
  • These professional features are available in the theme so that they can start the designing of a WordPress website.
  • A lot of customization available- The Astra WordPress theme allows you to do a lot of customization in its sites.
  • It has a feature to change the colors & designs of the header, footer & sidebar, etc.
  • It is very helpful for the users it doesn’t need any page builder to do it, any beginner can also do the customization in these fields.
  • The user can change color, change the style, Change the font & design of the sidebar, menu, footer, Header & contents.

Pricing of Astra:-

Astra also has a free version available from that a lot of operations can be performed.

To have a fantastic & professional experience you can go for the premium version of the theme which consists of the entry-level plan of Yearly $47 to Lifetime $249 usage.

3. Hestia

Hestia theme
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Hestia is a modern & professional WordPress theme that is used to design professional websites.

Hestia has a very unique & attractive interface that not only attracts the visitors to your site but also gives a great look at the site.

There are many demos & templates which are already being saved in the library of the theme, which helps to design the site in a better way.

Hestia is a multi-purpose theme that can be used on different websites but it is very much compatible with the blogging website.

The theme has over 100+ plugins & many of the demos which is being updated every few weeks.

The theme gives a stylish & great experience in all kinds of business & high performance of the site which gives a great user experience.  

Features of Hestia:

  • Page Builder of your Choice- The user can use the page builder of his own choice to build his page.
  • There are many popular page builder options available in this WordPress theme which can be used to build the pages.
  • You may use the Elementor, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi Builder & Brizy, etc.
  • Full customization of the site- There are many demos & plugins which are already saved in the library of the theme which keeps on updating within a few days.
  • The user can customize or edit the site according to the needs of the user, the color or designs can also be changed in the theme, User can also apply different plugins in the site. 
  • Compatible with any site- Hestia is such a stylish & professional theme which can be used in any of the business or professional websites.
  • There a lot of demo pages already available in the theme according to the different sites & businesses.
  • The theme is very nice & compatible with the small & start-up websites which need a very fast response time.
  • WooCommerce- The user can also build a user-friendly online store that can create a community of the people.
  • You can start an online store which is very easy to start as there is no coding skill is required to give a start.
  • User-Friendly- Users are very much happy & satisfied with this theme, Users enjoy the customization available in the theme.
  • The theme is very fast & lightweight which is a perfect type of theme for any of the sites.

Pricing of Hestia:

Hestia WordPress theme is a very much recommended theme s it has a lot of demos & templates for many kinds of websites.

The pricing of the Hestia WordPress theme starts with $51.94 yearly with 1-year support & 1-year update.

4. Newspaper

Newspaper Theme
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A newspaper theme is one of the most famous & popular themes across the world. This is one of the most demanded WordPress magazine themes.

The theme has many features that help a lot to the user of the theme. The website has many of the demo & templates already designed.

The response of the theme is very fast as the refresh rate of the theme is 2.2 sec approx. The site feels very much lighter due to the Newspaper theme.

The theme is very much optimized & also has 90+ demo sites & more than 1000 templates are already available in the theme library.

The theme is super optimized for the mobile which is the best thing for any of the Blogging sites.

This theme can be used for blogging, news organizations & media publications, etc. It can also be used in any site which puts the content on regular basis.  

Newspaper Theme Demo
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Features of Newspaper Theme:

  • Demo sites- The newspaper theme comes with a lot of demo sites that are already saved in the library of the theme.
  • There are many of the demo sites for different purposes which can be easily downloaded on a single click.
  • The user can view the demo site & may use the same design for their site according to their need & demand.
  • Optimized Performance- The theme has a super optimized which is very much essential for any of the sites.
  • The loading time of the theme is very less as it loads in 2.2 seconds only. This performance directly affects the performance of the site.
  • Mobile-Friendly- The newspaper theme is designed for the mobile view. The response of the mobile design is very nice.
  • The theme is mobile friendly which can be loaded with a different plug-in for the mobile version.
  • Ad Spots- The theme is designed in such a way that the place of ads & banners can be easily given.
  • Having a proper space for the ads & banner is most important to show the AdSense adds on your site.
  • You can also have a section of your personal ads & your social media details.
  • Designed templates- The theme has over 1000+ page & article templates which is very beneficial for the site.
  • Having these many templates will be very helpful to design the pages.

Pricing of Newspaper Theme:-

Newspaper comes with a bunch of features in it which is very much helpful & beneficial for a blogging site.

The costing of this theme costs only for $59 yearly theme also comes with the 6 months of support.  

5. Divi

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Divi is a WordPress theme that is customized & very much flexible.

If you are using the Divi theme on your site than you don’t buy any Elementor or any other alternative.

Divi allows you to design the best the website, The website can be designed & customized on Divi. For designing, you don’t need to do any of the codings.

The theme has a lot of pre-designed templates & layouts which will help you to design the pages & site.

Divi theme is one of the best themes for Blogging but the theme settles with all other websites, either it would be online shopping, Institutions, Blogging, Startups, Business website, etc.

Features of Divi:

  • Customization- Divi is one of the themes that allow you to customize everything which can be customized on the site.
  • This feature of customization helps a lot to the users as users can design or customize their sites as per their needs & requirements. 
  • Pre-built elements- Divi themes come with many pre-built modules for elements such as Sliders, testimonials, etc.
  • Having these elements are very helpful for building any page or site by drag & drop system.
  • With the help of these pre-built elements, the user gets different & innovative ideas for the page building.
  • Drag & Drop builder- Divi page builder does not need any of the codings for the page building. The user doesn’t need to put his a lot of time in page building.
  • The Divi page builder builds the page with the drag & drop interface. Having the facility of drag & drop page building saves huge time for the designer.

Pricing of Divi:-

Divi theme comes in the yearly membership of the Elegant Themes which cost $70 yearly.

6. Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme
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Genesis framework is another one of the best WordPress themes which allow & provides a lot of facilities to the users.

We can call this theme beyond a WordPress theme. It is an open-source package with many tools that helps a lot to the user to design their site.

This theme is very much helpful for the beginners who are new in the field of website designing & can design the sites easily with the help of the tools of the theme.

Features of Genesis Framework:

  • Professional Designed templates- The theme consists of many of the already designed & prepared templates.
  • These designed templates are already stored in the library of the theme which can be used by the user at the time of the designing.
  • These professional templates save a lot of time for the user at the time of designing & also get some new & innovative ideas.
  • Section Layouts- The theme has a specific layout for every section, Using these layout will clearly define the layout of specific sections.
  • These section layouts are mainly available for Content box, quotes, Gallery, video, Notice board, etc.
  • StudioPress plugins- StudioPress offers you the free plugin for Genesis Framework.
  • These StudioPress plugins are used in Simple Share, Simple Hooks & a few more.
  • This Studio Press plugin is a very strong plugin which is specially designed for the Genesis Framework users.
  • Reusable module for website building- Using a Reusable module helps a lot for website building.
  • Making a website from a reusable module becomes easier in Genesis Framework, as one can make quick pages for social icons, Gallery, Featured post, Recent post & more.

Pricing of Genesis Framework:-

There are two ways of getting the Genesis Framework; either the person can get in the one-time purchase or through StudioPress membership.

The cost of a one-time purchase is $59.95 on the other hand membership of the StudioPress will cost $360 yearly.

7. OceanWP

OceanWP Theme
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We have kept OceanWP on the 7th rank of our listing in WordPress theme listing.

OceanWP is a theme that helps to build the site in a nice & efficient way. The theme helps to design the minimalism & fat design sites.

The theme offers a lot of demo websites which gives a lot of support to the user to built its website.

The theme doesn’t allow you to have a lot of customization in the theme as a strong coding is done in the theme.

Even if a lot of customization is not allowed in the theme but the theme is very much optimized for any of the sites & it is a very much mobile-friendly theme.

Features of OceanWP:-

  • E-Commerce featuresOceanWP theme offers very nice WooCommerce features which are very helpful in any of the online shopping websites.
  • The features like Add to cart, Payment portal, preview, View product & more are some of the elements which are very essential & important in any of the online shopping websites.
  • Helpful Extensions- Many extensions are available in the theme & can be very much helpful to the website & the user of the website.
  • Extensions like cookie policy, Social media handles & some more, are some of the very nice & helpful extensions which help on the website.
  • Best Page builder- OceanWP theme provides you the best page builder support to their users to make the best website.
  • The theme works with some of the very famous page builders like Elementor, Beaver builder & Visual Composer.
  • These some of the famous page builders not only help the user to build the best site & also gives a great experience to the user.

Pricing of OceanWP:-

If anyone wants to have the professional theme OceanWP you need to take an annual subscription that will is available to service at $39 yearly or you can have at a one–time purchase of $159.


These are the 7 best themes of WordPress which are arranged in the ranking of 1-7 which I felt in my experience.

Ranking of the themes doesn’t doubt the performance of the themes. All the themes used in the list are one of the best themes which can be there for WordPress.

Every theme has its own USP & key features, So no theme can be judged on our ranking.

The ranking we gave to the themes is on our own Experience & some of the feedback from the users.

We would also suggest that if you want to use all the features of the theme & make your site more effective & optimized than you should take the premium of that theme.

Having a perfect theme is one of the most important parts of building a website. So choosing a perfect theme is the most important thing.

So I hope that from the above discussion of the entire 7 WordPress theme will help you to decide & finalize your theme.

Go through all the details & features of the various themes & decide which theme is the one you wanted to have on your site.

Hope you like our content. If you liked it so give your feedback in the comment section below, It gives us the motivation to write more content like this.

If you want some specific topic dedicated blogs then also let us know in the comment box.

Thank You…

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging
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