Top 12 Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

You are putting your full effort into Blogging but frustrated due to not getting enough traffic on your post. Those who are new in the blogging must be searching for the Blogging Tools For Beginners on the internet for their use.

There are some of the free blogging tools which are made to help you & grow your website.

So you are at a perfect place to know everything about best blogging tools, Best platform for blogging, Free blogging tools & best site to create a blog that will help you to grow & write your Blogs in an efficient way.

I will let you know about all the free blogging tools which are perfect for blogging. We will also see how these blogging tools will reduce time.

We will see what are the best platform for blogging & the best site to create a blog. We will also see that are the best blogging tools for 2020 & what are the best open-source blogging platforms where anyone can write & attract traffic on your blogs.

So let’s start with.

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What is a Best Blogging Tools For Beginners?

Blogging tools are the tools that are designed in such a way that help to grow your blogs. It also helps to improve Search engine optimization (SEO) & helps to grow the website.

Many new bloggers start their blogging website with full passion but didn’t get enough traffic on their blogs which makes them frustrated & demotivated.

If we need to grow our website & need traffic on our website them we need to work smartly. We should use some of the free blogging tools which will help us to make our content more unique & efficient.

These free blogging tools help us to make perfect content for a website that will help us while doing SEO of the content.

Every professional blogger who is getting a bulk of traffic using these blogging tools. These tools create a great role in google ranking of the website.

Some of the tools are paid & some are free. But we gonna see here only free blogging tools & some of the paid tools.

If you have started any blogging website in the last few time, You needed some of the best blogging tools. Even if you have started your blogging on Blogger or any other open-source blogging platform.

If you want to create a website you needed WordPress or other website builder tools.

Top 12 Best Blogging Tools Online:

  1. Grammarly
  2. Wix
  3. Blog Topic Generator
  4. Google Docs
  5. Medium
  6. Keywords Research Tools
  7. Keywords Everywhere
  8. Wunderlist
  9. WordPress
  10. SEO quake Extention
  11. Alexa Traffic Rank
  12. Canva

These are 12 best blogging tools, free blogging tools & best blogging tools for 2020 online to make a perfect blog. Now let us know in deep about these tools.


Grammarly is one of the best blogging tool for 2020 or can be said as for all time.

Whenever we write any post we often do mistakes in writing & grammar mistakes. Even if any pro content writer is there he will also definitely do the mistakes while writing any posts.

So to avoid these mistakes & correct these grammatical mistakes, There is a free blogging tool called Grammarly.

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Grammarly is the best blogging tool that corrects spelling mistakes & grammatical mistakes. This tool reduces a lot of load from the writer.

Now the writer doesn’t need to read the post again & again. Many times it happens that you want to write something but by mistake you do the misspelling.

This tool help in all these things either in grammatical mistake or it is spelling mistakes. The best USP of this tool is very easy to use. Any person can use this tool.

If you want to use the Grammarly in your system, You can open the Google chrome in your system or laptop & search Grammarly in & download the chrome extension & can use this free blogging tool.

Using Grammarly is very easy we just need to copy the written content & paste the content in Grammarly. The tool will automatically show all the grammatically & spelling mistakes. This tool also shows the suggestion for doing the correction.

This is a best blogging tool for 2020 & is very useful & handy in use for everyone.


If we wanna start a blogging channel so for that, we need to have a perfect blogging website. For having that website Wix is the best site to create a blog.

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Wix is one of the best sites to create a blog website & free blogging tool for making a website. Wix is a website builder website that works on drag & drop concept.

Wix has more than 500 already designed templates. In these designed templates it’s very easy to build any website as we just need to apply these templates & it is one of the best blogging tools.

The main feature of Wix is its very easy to use, free blogging tool & has a mass number of designed templates, apps & many features already present on this website.

In Wix, it has most of the templates which are needed by anyone person while building any website either the website is for blogging purpose or for online shopping or any other purpose.

You get storage of 500 MB to 1 GB & for more storage & more advanced option you can go for the premium version of Wix.

To use this tool it’s very easy, we just need to search Wix on Google chrome & make an account on it. Best site to create a blog

Login at Wix & you are ready for website building. You can use the templates according to your use & start building your website by drag & drop.

It is one the best site to create a blog, It is most recommended as it is one of the best blogging tools & this website is a free blogging tool.

Blog Topic Generator:-

Many times it happens that we want to write the content but we can’t decide the topic on which we should write. We get confused about selecting the topic.

In that case, this tool is considered as the best blogging tool for 2020 which is very beneficial to suggest the topic & provide ideas for the topic. It also suggests some related topics regarding your main topic.

Blog Topic Generator
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Blog Topic Generator

Many times it happens that we know our niche well but we can’t find the exact topic to write about. In that case, it plays a very crucial role. best blogging tools.

This tool is very simple to use & free blogging tools as we just need to write a keyword or phrase. This tool shows 5 more topics related to these keywords for free.

If we need to get more than 5 free topics than need to pay for that service but otherwise it is a free blogging tool. This tool is very beneficial & easy to use. It should be used by the maximum number of new bloggers as it is one of the best blogging tools.

Google Docs:-

Google Docs can be one of the best blogging tools for beginners in blogging. This tool is one of the best blogging tools for 2020 for blogging.

If you want to write any post then you should write it on Google docs then by using post editor paste it.

Google Docs
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Google Docs

By doing this in Google Docs you will have a backup of your content & the best part is you can access it from anywhere either from mobile, tablet, or system.

You can use this for writing in an alternate of Word. It has all the features of Word in it & creates a backup on your email id.

The best part of the Google docs is it is a totally free blogging tool & it is of google itself, Which guarantees you the privacy of your written data.

Medium:- one of the best blogging tools on the internet it is one of the best open-source blogging platforms.

Medium is started by the founder of Twitter Evan Williams. It was launched in the year 2012. This is a website that is available in many different languages.

It is an online publishing platform that is run by A Medium Corporation. It covers a worldwide area. It is one of the best blogging tools for the 2020 list.

Medium is the best open-source blogging platform. In this platform, anyone can reach here & can publish his content & even gather a lot of information.

The content published should follow the guidelines of the medium. It is very simple to use, free blogging tool & best platform for blogging.

It is a very beneficial website as it also provides information about the different topics & content from different bloggers.

Using medium can give you different topics for blogging & can make connections with different bloggers all over the world.

Using medium is very simple & it is a free blogging tool. Posting content on Medium is very easy & can be done by anyone.

Search Medium on Google chrome then creates your profile on medium. After creating a profile on medium click on New story to write your story.

Write your story & add images in it & use keywords then publish the story on medium. It is one of the best blogging tools which provide you the best platform for blogging.

 Keyword Research Tools:-

If you have started blogging you must have listened once a while about the word Keyword. Many times new bloggers get confused with the word of Keywords.

Many new bloggers get tensed about their website as they don’t get enough traffic on their website after giving their 100% on their content.

To know how to do Keyword Research you can check our website we have already written a blog with full dedication on How to do keyword research in a very brief & easy way.

These keyword research tools are the best blogging tools that help us a lot to do the best keyword research. Using this tool we can get the low difficulty keywords which will be beneficial for us to rank easily.

There many keyword research tools that are free blogging tools. Which helps for a beginner blogger.

These tools are the best blogging tools for 2020 & help us know many statistics & parameters about the keyword & phrases. These tools help us to know are:

  • Traffic on a particular keyword.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Search Volume
  • The difficulty level of keyword
  • Ranking websites
  • DA (Domain Authority)

Using these tools will help you to know all these above parameters & statistics. which are best blogging tools for blogging.

WMS Everywhere:-

It is one more extension that is available for the use of bloggers. Keywords Everywhere are the best blogging tools.

It is available in all the browsers either it is in Google Chrome or Firefox. it is an extension that shows different parameters to the users.

WMS Everywhere
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WMS Everywhere

It is a free blogging tool that can be used by everyone. It shows CPC (Cost Per Click), Search Volume & Competition of keywords.

It helps its users to understand, gather & analyze the statistics of the CPC, Searched Volume & Keyword Competition.

It is one of the best blogging tools for 2020 & it helps a lot for its users. It very easy to use, We just need to add the extension in our browser & its ready to use.

It helps us to study the different websites & about their Search volume, what cost per click is available for the website & what are the competition keywords available on the website.


Wunderlist is an online task management tool. It is an online cloud-based task management tool. It let its users make a list of task & work so that user can manage its task from laptop, Phones, Smartwatch’s & tablets.

This tool is available in the form of an application. It is a free blogging tool but some of the special functions need to be paid for use.

Earlier the company was independent but in June 2015 it was acquired by Microsoft. The app of Wonderlist I available for all operating systems. It is one of the best blogging tools for 2020.

Wonderlist is very useful in blogging & can be called as the best blogging tools. Many times it happens that we are doing some other work & a key point strikes in our mind which we can use it in our writing, But we can’t rush for the pen & paper to note it down.

So having an app in your phone ur Smartwatch will make your task easy, you just need to note down that point in your app.

It is also very useful in our daily life as if we know that a meeting or a task is scheduled at noon, we just need to add the task in the app it will automatically remind me at noon.


WordPress is one of the most used tools on the Internet in today’s scenario. It is used to create websites & blogs on the internet. It is best site to create a blog.

It has a very creative admin panel with a ton of features. It also helps in content management on websites. WordPress is one of the best blogging tools.

To start a blogging website, the most important thing required is a website. WordPress provides the best site to create a blog & It is a free blogging tool. It is the best open-source for website building & content management.

On the internet today approx 38% of the websites are based on WordPress. It is a very simple & best blogging tool. A beginner can also build its website with its tips & features.

Many themes & templates are already saved in WordPress. It is loaded with a lot of features. Many unique & useful plugin is already available in WordPress.

It is the most popular website for creating websites & blogs. It is the best open-source blogging platform website which means anyone can use this website to edit & create its website.

It is the most famous website in the category of website building. WordPress is used in maximum times while creating websites & said as best blogging tools for 2020.

The websites which can be developed by WordPress are:

  • Blogs
  • Portfolio websites
  • E-commerce website
  • Social media website
  • Organization website. etc.

Seo quake Extention:-

This is a very helpful tool on google free of cost. With the help of this tool, we can see the ranked post on Google. Till will tell you in which rank a particular post is ranking.

Seo quake Extention
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Seo quake Extention

This can be used simply by adding from chrome extension. When we search any keyword or phrase on Google than a list of the post are visible to us. To know the exact stats & rank of these visible posts this extension is used.

It will let you know about the rank of a particular post with a single click. It also let us know how many websites are ranking for that particular keyword & what is the age of the website. This is one of the best blogging tools.

It is a free plugin that can be used any browsers & let us know all about the searched data & website rank just on a single click. Using this extension if a totally free, free blogging tool.

This tool is very useful & highly recommended. As it can let us know about which rank our website is ranking or about competitors’ website rank. It is one of the best platforms for blogging.

It gives you the overall preview about the website like no internal/external links, displayed ads, age of a website, etc.

Alexa Traffic Rank:-

This tool is used when we need to check the Alexa Rank of our website or any other website than this extension is used. To check the Alexa Rank we need to go to open the Alexa Rank website which takes a lot of time. 

Alexa Rank
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Alexa Rank

When if you have the Extention than after that you don’t need to go to the Alexa website to check Alexa Rank. If we want to check any website rank than open in that browser itself. It is one of the best blogging tools for 2020.

After opening the website you will be seeing the Alexa Traffic Extention Icon than click on it & you will see the Alexa Rank immediately. Using Alexa Traffic Rank is a totally free blogging tool.

We see some other options with Alexa Rank like 3 other related websites which you can check & select some of the keywords from that website.

You can also use the keywords selected from those websites & write posts on these keywords & can rank your post.

This extension is very useful & simple to use. Using this extension is also very easy. So it’s highly recommended.


Whenever we write an article for the use of Blog adding images is very compulsory which helps the user to understand our post. Users also give more time to our posts.

Many people use photoshop for making the images. But there is a huge audience who doesn’t know how to use photoshop.

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Canva tool helps in that case, As we can make Free HD images in this tool. In Canva HD images can be created. It is a totally free blogging tool.

Let say that if we want to prepare a featured tool for your post then we can use Canvas Tool for making images.

It is very easy & handy in using this tool which helps a lot in creating HD images needed in our blog posts.


We have seen some of the best blogging tools above present online. There are many more tools which are available. But we have made a list of 12 best blogging tools that can bring a great change in your content writing & blogging.

The 12 best blogging tools for 2020 which we have discussed are all free to use. There are some features in these tools which are unlocked after paying an amount. These tools discussed are free blogging tools.

I have made this list according to my view which can bring a revolutionary change in your blogging. Using these tools will improve your Blogs & also help you to save a lot of time.

Use these above-listed tools & let us know about your experience using these tools. To read more blogs like this in a simple & handy way click the bell icon of the website. SO what whenever we upload any blog you may come to know about our Blogs.

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Best Blogging Tools For Beginners
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