AAWP Plugin Review: Is it the Best Plugin for Amazon Affiliate Website?

AAWP Review

Amazon affiliate program is one of the most famous platforms in today’s scenario to earn through affiliate links. Any first sale is often the hardest, and I got my first sale with their program.

Copying and pasting affiliate links from Amazon is extremely disappointed. Opening multiple tabs and constantly switching between pages to add links from the Site Stripe doesn’t fit our workflow as a colleague.

In my AAWP review, I will make it easy to build a profitable Amazon affiliate site with this tool. And how to use it to increase your earnings from today.

AAWP is there to save you time.

Imagine I am searching for a product but can’t make your mind for a specific mind on a product.

I wanted to compare some more products but searching for them individually is a very hectic task.

What if we add a feature to the website where we can compare different products of the same category in a single table it will improve my decision-making a lot.

So today I am going to share my review on the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin (AAWP Review) that can be used on your affiliate website which consists of a lot of features & tools in it.

I am using this Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin (AAWP) for quite some time & seen a major difference after using it.

So Let’s see is it worth using this plugin or not?

AAWP Review

AAWP Comparison Table
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The more you connect to end customers more you can earn by your affiliate links, So the content available on your website should be complete enough so that customers should not need to go on any other website.

So to fulfill these values & requirements we need to have some features on our content like features of the product, similar products information, comparison between other products. 

To have these features on your website you need to have a plugin that can avail you of all these features & tools in a few clicks.

Today I am gonna share my AAWP Review with you all & also see How is it the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin in today’s time.

So let’s see what is AAWP plugin.

What is AAWP Plugin?

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AAWP Homepage

AAWP is the flexible WordPress Plugin that is known as an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin in which we get all the best & necessary tools which are required to increase the reach of our website.

In AAWP we get a bulk of tools like comparison tables, Product lists, New releases lists, and Geotargeting features.

These are some of the main uses in which we can use AAWP which will improve our affiliate experience.

New Releases list. A new release is a feature in the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that creates a list of the new products according to your niche.

 The plugin is using the API of Amazon so it directly fetches the data of products from Amazon & lists them in a systematic sequence.

AAWP creates the list of new products by the date of the release of the products. This gives broader content to the consumers to make their final decision.

What I like about AAWP WordPress Plugin | key features

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Features of using the AAWP Plugin:

1. Geotargeting feature for multiple countries

Targeting customers based on Geographical region is very effective in the affiliate market.

It not only helps to increase the reach of your website it will gain more income from geotargeting.

Let’s take an example:

This feature of geo-targeting is very useful for any affiliate marketing website.

In this feature, you need to integrate different stores I’d with a single I’d.

In this feature you will not be missing out on the customers in fact you will be getting some new foreign customers.

By adding this feature of the AAWP plugin you can start earning from other Amazon stores too.

This feature will bring new customers & help you to understand the buying behavior of these customers.

I would say,

It is one of the best features of AAWP.

2. Multiple Widgets.

Widgets on any website are very much attractive & eye-catchy. AAWP gives you the feature to add multiple widgets on the website.

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These widgets can be placed on the sidebars of the website or even on headers also. They can also sync with the content of the website which also looks cool.

 Adding the products pop-up in these widgets can help us to improve our sales

There are many types of many designs already available in AAWP plugin but we can also customize all the widgets.

3. Bestseller list Widgets.

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Best Seller List

A bestseller list is something like a new release list it just creates the list of best-selling products according to your product category.

This feature allows the consumers to do proper decision-making by having a list of best-selling products.

 We can also show these lists in product boxes which can attract the consumer for sure.

4. Product boxes 

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Single Product Box

A product box is the most crucial & important part of any affiliate website. Your reach & conversion will dip your product is not popping on the website.

AAWP provides this feature of adding customizable product boxes & many already different templates saved in a plugin.

This feature helps to promote specific category products so that chance of conversion increases automatically.

I have been using this feature for quite some time & for sure I have seen improvement in the conversions of a customer for product boxes items. 

That’s why today we are doing this AAWP review on my website so that that can be helpful for you in the growth of your Amazon Affiliate Market.

5. New Releases Lists

By Using this short code or template, you can highlight the newest products within a specific product group that will help you capture the attention of your visitors and increase affiliate sales.

AAWP New releases List
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AAWP New releases List

This feature is available in the AAWP plugin which helps to provide a direct link to the product.

 The link opens in the new tab so that customers should not get confused & should stay on your website.

This feature is designed in a way that we can also customize the links according to our needs.

7. Auto product updation

As I already let you know the plugin is linked with Amazon API so it directly fetches the data from the Amazon website.

This feature saves a lot of work all the information gets directly updated & if you need you can alter individually of some products.

8. Comparison Table.

The comparison table is one of the most useful tools in AAWP. This tool helps a lot to end consumers.

AAWP comparison table
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AAWP comparison table

This tool available in the AAWP plugin helps to compare the product with its competitor products.

 As we discussed in the beginning that what if I am not able to make a mind for a product, So this feature will compare other products & help me to do my final decision making.

Another best part of this comparison table is that it is very easy to use & can be customized very easily.

This tool shows multiple information in the table containing manufacturing company name, specifications, material, model number, price, etc.

You can also update the table with time as the new model launch in the market. It shows product-related details in the table.

Product image is also available in the comparison table which creates a need in the customer’s mind. Links are also available in the table which opens into a new tab.

This tool in the AAWP plugin is a mobile-friendly tool that keeps all the affiliate links in it, and also keeps on updating the prices of products.

Price of AAWP Plugin.

This fantastic AAWP plugin comes in paid plans which cost according to your need & requirements.

  • Personal €49 (includes 1 site)
  • Plus €129 (includes 3 sites)
  • Pro €249 (includes 10 sites)
  • Ultimate €399 (25 sites)
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AAWP Pricing

The plugin starts with 39Euro which is nearly around 43 dollars which it covers 1 website.

Similarly, the plugin has some more plans of 99 Euro, 199 Euro, and 299 Euro in which we get 3 sites, 10 sites & 25 sites respectively. 

You can also use some discount codes which are available from time to time. 

How to Install and Setup the AAWP WordPress Plugin?

I am sure you must have understood all features & tools of AAWP & most obvious question is how to set up AAWP on our website & use these features to earn more.

If you are also excited to earn from Amazon Affiliate Program, then set up AAWP plugin for your website.

I am sharing some steps to set up the AAWP plugin.

  1. Buy the AAWP plugin from the official website.
  2. Login to the AAWP Member Area and download the plugin.
  3. Install the WordPress plugin & activate it using the license key.
  4. Connect the Plugin with the Amazon account API.

When you have downloaded the plugin, then you have to install the plugin on your WordPress website. Once installed, the AAWP plugin has to be activated with your license.

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Amazon API Setting

Once the plugin is activated, it is now time to connect this plugin to your Amazon account using the Amazon Product Advertising API or PA API.

How to get Amazon Product Advertising API (PA-API)

For Amazon API either use this direct link or go to your Amazon Affiliate Partner Dashboard and click on Tools > Product Advertising API

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Then Click Product Advertising API

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Now you must be thinking about how to get an (API Key)

Note: As per Amazon rules, Your API key is enabled when you have completed at least 3 sales. 

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Once the plugin is activated with the license key the next step is to integrate it with Amazon API with your website.

To do this click on Amazon API to integrate it, if not registered with Amazon associate then sign up & get yourself registered with Amazon Associate.

Advantages of Using AAWP Plugin

Overall, AAWP WordPress Affiliate Plugin is performing very well in the market. So, if you are wondering why you should choose AAWP over others, here are the advantages of the Plugin.

Automatic Data Recovery

As we discussed earlier, perhaps the most beneficial aspect of AAWP is its automatic updates on product information. Not only does it retrieve products data directly from Amazon.

In fact, once you’ve created a post with the products, you don’t need to worry about updating the page regularly for prices. The date of last update can also be displayed on the page.

Allows Targeting International Audiences

Geotargeting is a convenient feature that allows you to benefit from marketing on international platforms.

Above all, if Amazon compliance is a priority, AAWP may be the closest option you have in the market. Since the required information is executed automatically from its own servers, you are not unlikely to find any error in the product description.

Consistency in Performance

AAWP is a relatively glitch-free plugin. It is rare that past and current customers have encountered any significant issue that requires a customer service call or referring to the AAWP community.

Drawbacks of AAWP Plugin

User interface can be improved

Some users, especially beginners, may find that the plugin is not completely user-friendly within the WordPress space. It may take you some time to become familiar with the navigation process and – eventually – get the most out of AAWP.

No Option to do Searches Products

Another notable aspect is that users cannot search for any Amazon products directly from the plugin.

Although the tool can create lists for bestsellers and the latest releases, if you need to make another list, you’ll need to open Amazon separately to find the products.

Once this is done, you can continue to use the ASIN to compare or add widgets; But there is no shortcut within the plugin which would be a nice feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AAWP Plugin (FAQ)

While reading this article, you must have come across some questions regarding AAWP.

In this section, I’ll provide answers to some of the most common questions asked by potential and existing AAWP users.

1. Does AAWP offer a free trial?

The company does not offer a free trial. However, to make sure everyone is given the opportunity to test out the plugin, they are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

2. Can I use the plugin on multiple sites?

You can use the plugin on multiple sites if you subscribe to a Plus or higher license.

3. Which payment options are accepted?

In addition to PayPal, a variety of debit and credit cards are also accepted for payment through the company’s secure payment processor.

AAWP Plugin Pros and Cons

Pros of AAWP

  • Easy installation
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple features
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • High quality and performance
  • Geo targeting to handle foreign visitors
  • Value for money
  • Features-rich
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly


  • No Search Feature – Need to Enter ASIN
  • It supports a short list of languages
  • Amazon API key is Compulsory


I loved this AAWP WordPress plugin using this plugin for some time & I have also seen the effect of using it on my affiliate marketing.

I have shared my AAWP review of using it for some time, It also helped me to understand the buying behavior of my customers.

I liked some of the features like comparison tables, product boxes, attractive widgets, etc.

In my view, it is one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin available on the market.

In my suggestion, You should try the AAWP plugin & feel growth in your website. I would also like to see your AAWP review & experience of using it so kindly share yours in the comment box.

Thanks for Reading.

AAWP Review
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